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TWOJA SAKIEWKA - sprawdzenie zawartoťci sakiewki GRIMSHOP - wejťcie do sklepu


Grimlord is a Metal Band from Wrocław, Poland, that was formed in 1993 by guitarist Bartosz "Barth La Picard" Źrebiec and Jacek "Quithe" Bagiński The band plays Metal with influences of Power Metal, Punk, Black and Thrash Metal.

Grimlord -gloomy mister about stone face dusted with ash in graphite suit with dark scythe and knuckleduster in the fist.

Shes a Witch: 2000-2002

In that time Barth resigned with own vocals and the young she-devil /Julia Rudnicka/ took the role of the vocalist Band recorded three demo/reh "She's a witch" and "Robactwo" after mini sesions "Lady Julia" left from the band.Barth as a result of these changes takes the role of the vocalist once more. Then Grimlord gives first live show in Amphiteathre /Live in Ohlau/ for thousand people (today this architectural building no longer exists)

Night Visit: 2003-2005

Grimlord recorded first demo cd in studio Nocna Wizyta "Night Visit" and Zaćmienie "Eclipse" with new line-up and pianist Jakubowski Paweł "Integer Valor" . the group decided to give a performance in all Wrocław clubs and all small town nearby Wrocław. "Down Silesia Tour" or ""Night Visit in Breslau" The band got to play local gigs but was not recognized by the record companies. In 2004 They organized truck and they began first Tour in 14 cities of Poland.

Blood Runneth Over: 2007-2008

In 2007 the band recorded in studio Hellsound their first LP demo called: Blood runneth over and released the Track "Beast we are keeping under cover" as a single. And then again set off on the next gigs "Bloodrunnethover Tour". In 14 cities of Poland. They appeared for example in Poznan, Krakow, Wrocław and in Warsaw and they played together among others with such bands as Stormetal /Brasil/ or Arabrot /Norway/

  1. March of martyrs
  2. Blood runneth over
  3. Beast we are keeping under cover
  4. It bites you!!!
  5. Grey eminence
  6. Bitch & Swindler
  7. No surrender!
  8. Compensation of fault
  9. Crawler
  10. X
  11. Resting place

Dolce Vita Sath an As: 2008-2009

Tom Zalewski from Zed Studio mixed and masterd this songs from the album. After this session The Main Agency became interested the band and they invited them on "High Seas & Low Lands Tour together with Tyr ,Heidevolk, and Alestorm. In this time band used blasts and more technical Riffs than early also appeared classical samples. Grimlord in 2009 supported Paul Di Anno on Festival XII /Poland/. The promotion of the material has begun in Europe, Usa and the Rest

  1. Dolce vita sath an as
  2. When the heads are going down
  3. Oh! my king
  4. Shade of wrath angels
  5. Ground zero
  6. Dissolution of eternity
  7. Ancient land of ys
  8. Avericious Scavenger/Panth of Lash
  9. Lamentation sword

V- Column: 2010-2012

In the first half of 2010 Grimlord started recording for the newest production. Barth is inspired with subject matter of the World War II. Particularly he is under the influence of events from 1939-1946 years. Moreover in the meantime they worked on new film called Ruttekin - "Defender Of The Scythe". It's project from the war/fantasy kind. In that movie we may hear several songs of the band and also see The frontman in the movie role. Before released new album Grimlord signed an agreement with "Legacy Records" distribution.

  1. Fifth column
  2. Mass delusions & hysterias
  3. Prolegomena
  4. Posthumous coronation
  5. King is dead
  6. Dead bodies don't swim
  7. Faithful avenger... till the remainder
  8. March again
  9. Superconscious
  10. Widerstand 17

Style without style

Grimlord is difficult to characterize by just one style, Barth claims that he doesn't believe in style anymore since following one kind it isn't possible fully to express itself The band calls their own music simply Metal. They are known for heavy riffs, fast lead guitar runs, short melodies, Barth usually use evil growling vocals. but pure light or climatic light vocalses appeared as well They use a keyboard sometimes The music switches betwen nihilist melody parts and with energy volcano Drums and bass are typical for Heavy Metal with fast drum kicks and a pounding bass. frontman Picard screams and growls with a voice similiar to Paul Di Anno, Mille Petrozza and somebody even compared to Chuck Schuldiner


Demos as Vallachia
    * 1993: The dawn of new empire /guit and synth/  
Demos and reh tape
   * 1995: Eternal Fear - "Eternal Fear" 
   * 1996: Zvantevith - "Pagan Souls of Ryczyn"
   * 2000: Grimlord - "She's a witch"
   * 2001: Grimlord - "Robactwo"
   * 2002: Grimlord - "Live in Ohlau"
Studio records
   * 2003: Grimlord - "Nocna Wizyta"
   * 2005: Grimlord - "Zaćmnienie"
   * 2007: Grimlord - "Bloodrunnethover"
   * 2008: Grimlord - "Dolce Vita sath an as"
   * 2010: Grimlord - "V- Column"
Singles & EPs
   * 2005: Beast We are Keeping under cover
   * 2006: Hell's Year
Grimlord covers Here's a list of Grimlord cover songs:
   * Sex Pistols - Pretty Vacant"
   * IM- The Evil That Men Do 
   * Megadeth - Breadline          
   * Black Sabbath - Paranoid
   * Megadeth - Hangar 18
   * Christina Aquillera - Gennie in the Bootle
   * Michael Jacksom - Billie Jean
   * Depeche Mode -Strange Love
   * Queen - I want it all    
covers as Vallachia
   * Running Wild - Prosioner of our time
   * Mayhem - Deathcrush
   * Mercyful Fate : Evil
   * IM- Wrathchild
Other project of Barth La Picard
* Vallachia /Black Metal/ 1993-1996
* Misterium /Black Metal/ 1994-1994
* Eternal Fear /Ambient/ 1995-1995
* Zvantevith /Ambient/ 1995-1995
* Laudatoris /Rap Metal/ 1997-1997
* Hornet /Rock/ 2000-2001
* Grimond  /Hard&Heavy/ 2003-2005
* Armia Cieni /Punk Rock/ 2005-2006